Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic Accounting Services

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We are pleased to announce the recent success of our senior manager Brenda Hughes in obtaining the Diploma in Forensic Accounting from Chartered Accountants Ireland. Brenda completed the Diploma in October 2011 and obtained the highest mark in Ireland among sitting candidates.

Brenda has been with Fitzpatrick & Kearney Limited for over 20 years, training and qualifying as a chartered accountant with the company. She has extensive experience in internal and external audit assignments and has undertaken skilled forensic work in the past. Her interest in the areas of fraud & forensic accounting has led her to obtain her recent qualification.

Forensic accounting is a specialised service requiring specific skills and abilities, typically a forensic accountant can assist in the following areas:

Business Dispute Resolution: We can review business disputes and act as independent arbiters, with a view to resolving issues that may have ground businesses or their owners to a standstill.

Fraudulent Accounting: We can review businesses to provide them with a fraud check which will outline areas where their business may be exposed to loss through fraudulent transactions.

Matrimonial Disputes: We can assist in independently assessing the net worth of each individual in the relationship.

Losses & Damages: We can quantify an individual’s loss of earnings (or the loss of earnings of a business) in relation to insurance settlements or accident claims.

Expert Witness: Our forensic services include acting as an expert witness in court in relation to financial matters.

Contract Breaches: We can quantify losses that may have accrued in relation to a breach of contract and assist in any mediation that frequently accompanies such claims.

Business Valuations: We can assist in the valuation of a business from a purchaser or a seller’s prospective. We can also advise on the detailed sale processes and the varying taxation implications.

Should you wish to avail of our services in this respect, please contact one of the directors at our Newry office, who remain ready to assist you.


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